Real Estate Agent Selection Factors

Rank each item, 1-8 (1 = Not Important To You; 8 = Very Important to You)
WARNING: Not all of these criteria will leave you with the most money in your pocket. Some of them are, quite frankly, common Seller traps. Read on for more information.

Must be able to demonstrate to me how I will NET the most amount of money possible on my home sale (i.e. how I will end up with the most money in my pocket) 1     8
Must demonstrate that my listing is important and explain the systems s/he will employ to ensure that I receive regular feedback and updates 1     8
Must quote me the highest list price 1      8
Must quote me the lowest commission 1      8
Must be likable and friendly; I must "feel" good about him/her 1      8
Must have strong marketing systems that will help my home to stand out vs other homes on the market 1      8
Must have a well-thought out list price for my home which reflects current market conditions and the prices of comparable homes in my area 1      8
Must have a proven track record of selling homes in my area 1      8
Must have a proven system for attracting buyers 1     8

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